Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bloody Valentine (Blue Blood Series) by Melissa De La Cruz


First, forgive any grammatical errors, please, as I am using a virtual keypad on my phone.
According to Barnes & Noble, Bloody Valentine is #6 in the Blue Blood series. However, I found out it is not. Lost in Time is #6 and will be released in October 2011.
So what is Bloody Valentine? Bloody Valentine is a collection of 3 short stories and is only 98 pages as a Nook book. If you haven’t read any of the books in this series, you need to begin with #1 in order to follow along with this short story collection.
The first short story is about Oliver. He is in physical and emotional pain away from Schuyler. But he finds the help of a witch who helps him get over the pain without resorting to forbidden desperate measures.
In the second story we are given a glimpse of what Allegra’s life was like when she was a teenager and had a vision about Schuyler. This story seams a waste of words to me. It doesn’t tie into the other two like they do with each other.
The third and final short story reminds me almost of a Disney princess fairy tale complete with some black and white graphics. – were they practicing for a graphic novel version? Schuyler and Jack finally have their bonding ceremony with a twist thrown in before hand.
And so we will have to wait for Lost in Time to see if they live happily ever after! Hopefully, these somewhat disconnected stories will tie into the next book and bring some understanding to Bloody Valentine’s purpose.
Good Night and Good Reading!

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