Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Now Reading Update..... Dragonfly in Amber

I am now in the middle of Chapter 17 and tonight Claire and Jamie have induced me to laughing out loud - producing odd looks from my husband - and being mesmerized by their devotion to each other and their adventures in Paris.

Book quote from my readings of today...

(While Claire is washing Jamie's hair for him after a very difficult night with Bonny Prince Charlie.)

He was big, I thought. Near him so much, I tended to forget his size, until I saw him suddenly from a distance, towering among smaller men, and I would be struck anew by his grace and the beauty of his body. But he sat now with his knees nearly underneath his chin, and his shoulders filled the tub from one side to the other. He leaned forward slightly to assist my ministrations, exposing the hideous scars on his back. The thick red welts of Jack Randall's Christmas gift lay heavily over the thin white lines of the earlier floggings.

I touched the scars gently, my heart squeezed by the sight. I had seen those wounds when they were fresh, seen him driven to the edge of madness by torture and abuse. But I had healed him, and he had fought with all the power of a gallant heart to be whole once more, to come back to me. Moved by tenderness, I brushed the trailing ends of his hair aside, and bent to kiss the back of his neck.

I straightened abruptly. He felt my movement and turned his head slightly.

"What is it Sassenach?" he asked, voice slow with drowsy contentment..........

"No, not a thing," I said again, reaching for the ewer on the stand. Placed near the window, it was ice-cold to the touch. I stepped behind Jamie and upended it on his head.

Good night and good reading!!

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